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Characteristics to Look Out for in Your First (or Next) Safe Room

Throughout American history, hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by tornadoes. Some lost their lives; others were left homeless within a few minutes. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to stop tornadoes from coming. However, you can make arrangements to protect yourself and your families at least. For this purpose, safe rooms are the best possible solution.

Safe rooms are specifically designed to remain anchored to the ground during a tornado. But, more importantly, a safe room is created to keep the occupants safe when a tornado strikes and deadly debris hurdles through the air at 200 mph. Ideally, they should be installed in basements or backyards, according to the needs of your house. This blog post will highlight what you should look for in a safe room.


The material used to construct a safe room is of immense importance. You can’t risk your life by going for poor quality material. Hence, the first thing you should consider when investing in a safe room is the material used. Ideally, both the interior and exterior of your safe room must be made from concrete as it’s the safest option and least likely to get damaged when a tornado hits.


The next thing you should consider is the capacity of your safe room. It should have enough space to accommodate you and your family. It’s better to have a larger safe room because you never know when a tornado strikes, and your neighbours may also need your support.

Above-Ground Shelter

Smaller shelters above the ground can are bolted to a concrete base in a basement or garage. However, the concrete floor must be thick enough to hold the safe room firmly. And it must have high quality steel reinforcement. The above-ground safe room must use proper hardware according to the precise specs detailed by the manufacturer.

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