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Choosing a Safe Room: Which Room Type is Safe for You

If you’re searching for a safe room that means you’re looking for a room that can keep you safe when emergencies prevail. Safe rooms are used for a variety of purposes, but the most common uses revolve around security and seeking protection during extreme weather events. For instance, storm shelters, also a type of safe room, are installed either underground or above ground to serve as hideouts when dangerous weather phenomenon like tornadoes wreak havoc.

In this blog, we will discuss different types of storm shelter rooms, also known as safe rooms, to decide which one is better and why. So, sit back, relax and continue reading.

Concrete Safe Rooms

If you want to install a safe room within your house or backyard, then concrete safe rooms are a lucrative option. It’s important to note that concrete safe rooms require a large area, and if you are getting it built within the house, then you need to demolish a few walls to create space. Besides, concrete shelter rooms become brittle over time. Besides, it’s extremely risky to stay in cracked and brittle concrete safe rooms during strong winds because the air can get inside and pressurize the room.

Fiberglass Safe Rooms

As a strong and durable composite, fiberglass is a type of plastic material that is widely popular in the market. Fiberglass safe rooms or storm shelters are also subjected to the same problems as concrete safe rooms. They tend to become brittle and lose their strength over time. Although, the installation of fiberglass shelters doesn’t require breaking walls, etc. It can be installed anywhere around the property. However, you need to make sure that it abides by FEMA’s standards for safe rooms.

Steel Safe Rooms

Although slightly expensive, steel safe rooms or storm shelters are worth the price. Unlike concrete and fiberglass safe rooms, they don’t develop cracks and are built to withstand strong impacts. Steel safe rooms are ideal if you live in a tornado-prone area because rest assured, these rooms will keep you safe and sound.

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