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Choosing a Safe Room: Which Safe Room is Right for Your Family

A safe room is an enclosed space that is specially designed to protect occupants from storms or other natural disasters. Not all safe rooms are created equal, and it’s essential to understand the difference between types of safe rooms if you’re looking for one for your family.

Below-Ground Safe Rooms

A below-ground safe room is an excellent solution for homeowners with basements. The walls, ceiling, and door of the shelter are built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane or a major tornado. It’s built 12 inches off the ground and includes a steel door and frame, plus a locking system.


-A below-ground safe room is the most affordable type of safe room.

-The shelter is easy to access from inside the home.

-It’s well-insulated and can be used as storage space when not in use.


-It’s possible for floodwaters to rise above the safe room, depending on your home’s elevation relative to nearby water sources.

Some insurance companies will not provide coverage if you have a below-ground safe room installed. It can be seen as an extra expense rather than a necessity.

Above-Ground Safe Rooms

Above-ground safe rooms are a popular choice for homeowners who want to be able to quickly and easily access their safe room from inside the home. The walls, ceiling, and door of an above-ground safe room are typically made of concrete blocks or bricks, and the door is fitted with a locking system.


-Above-ground safe rooms are typically less expensive than below-ground safe rooms.

-The walls and ceiling are made of sturdy materials that can withstand high winds and debris.

-The room can be used for storage when it’s not in use as a safe room.


-An above-ground safe room can be more susceptible to flooding than a below-ground safe room.

-It can be difficult to make an above-ground safe room tornado-proof.

When deciding which type of safe room is right for you, it’s essential to consider your home’s location, the size of your family, and your budget. Below-ground safe rooms are a good option for homeowners who live in low-lying areas or near water, while above-ground safe rooms are ideal for homeowners who want easy access to their safe rooms from inside the home.

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