tree damaged by tornado

Damage Caused By a Tornado

Tornadoes are a major concern in the United States. With over 1200 tornadoes occurring in the United States every year, they cause significant damage to property and the economy. Tornadoes also result in around 80 deaths and over 1500 injuries every year. The number of tornadoes and the damage they cause have unfortunately increased in recent years.

Here’s a rundown of the kind of damage inflicted by tornadoes in Texas:

Damaged roofs

Tornadoes are strong enough to lift the entire roof off commercial and residential properties. While it’s assumed that the strong winds cause these damages, it’s actually a result of the low pressure that builds up within the tornado. The low pressure at the eye of the tornado, combined with the high pressure outside, exerts pressure on the roof that sweeps it away. Damaged roofs are a hazard for the inhabitants and the properties nearby since the roof will eventually land somewhere.

tornado damage

Shattered windows

Windows shatter due to wind pressure during a tornado. The debris flying around also increases the chances of windows shattering, making it incredibly unsafe to roam around the house during such extreme weather. Safe rooms keep you and your family safe from all the debris, strong winds, and shattered glass.

Broken garage door

The garage door might also experience significant damage during a tornado due to its lightweight construction. Even winds miles away can knock a garage door off its hinges.

Damaged siding

Strong winds, debris, and hail can cause massive damage to your home’s siding. The siding can peel off, crack, experience dents, and even have holes punched in. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to protect the siding of your home. You could have trees on your property trimmed to reduce the damage to a certain extent.

During a tornado, it’s of utmost importance to keep yourself and your family safe. You can do so by having our FEMA-approved safe rooms and storm shelters installed.

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