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Do You Live in Oklahoma? Here’s Why You Should Get Storm Shelters

As storm shelter experts, we have spent over two decades building and installing safe rooms of various sizes in Texas and Oklahoma. Texas has long since held the not-so-prized spot as number one for the most tornado-prone state, but Oklahoma is not so far below.

Good Old Oklahoma Weather

If you’re new to The Sooner State, you might appreciate the balmy, subtropical summer. Let us tell you that the phrase, “you can’t predict the weather” is extra true here. While it can be majestic as it swings between snowy and humid, with certain parts of the territory dipping into arid, it also makes for an environment conducive to tornadoes. Oklahoma has seen some brutal storms.

Check out our post about some of the most destructive storms to hit the country and how deeply they’ve affected lives. When it comes to surviving weather events this viciously unforgiving, you need to be always prepared.

That means a fully stocked steel tornado shelter ready to fit in all your family members

Shouldn’t I Make My Whole Home Storm Safe?

It’s true; ideally, you could seal the weather out of your whole home. After all, human life is invaluable, but personal property has a fair bit of value as well. There are measures you can take to ensure that your house’s structure is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, but keep in mind the potential force of these storms.

You can reinforce your doors and windows, but how well will they fare if a car is thrown at them? The forces of nature don’t always abide by the rules humans set for them. That’s why it’s best to wait it out in a secure safe room shelter.

How Safe is a Safe Room?

The answer to this question lies in your chosen storm shelter provider. If you choose wisely, the answer is as safe as can be. Before booking with anyone, check if their products have passed the Texas Impact Test. They should also be aligned with all guidelines set by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

It’s also important to check before installation to ensure that the size you’ve chosen fits all your family members and supplies. If you have kids, remember that they’ll be growing. Even the finest storm safe rooms can’t help people who aren’t in them.

A storm brewing in Texas

At US Safe Room Tornado Shelters, we make sure to ask the right questions so we can meet all your needs with our services. In just two weeks, we can install a custom safe room or a steel storm shelter in a size of your choosing. With a tornado shelter, you don’t want to wait till you need one.

Along with that, if you ever put your home on the market, a ready-to-use tornado safe room will be a major selling point. If you’d like to get a quote, call us at 405 367 7901.

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