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Do You Need A Safe Room? Find Out Now

Safe rooms, also known as storm shelters, serve many functions. Year-round, they help home and business owners protect their property as well as those residing in it. When you live in areas that are more likely to have storms, a storm shelter can significantly benefit you and your family.

In this blog post, you’ll learn everything you need to know to determine whether you need a safe room.

Shelter and Safety from Violent Storms

Primarily, safe rooms provide safety from heavy storms, including hurricanes and even EF5 tornadoes. Tornadoes can be very destructive, not only damaging your home or business place, but also threatening your life, your family’s, and your employees’ lives.


Particularly in storm-prone regions like Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, safe rooms can help you protect valuable documents and property that you might otherwise lose in the storm.

Make sure the safe room you get meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines.

Protection from Crime and Pollutants

As a secondary reason, storm shelters also offer protection during criminal activities such as forced entry into your home. You can use a safe room to protect yourself and your family in the case of a robbery or attempted kidnapping. When criminals are interrupted, they often set off a weapon, resulting in someone getting hurt. A safe room, on the other hand, can seal you off from these criminal threats.

For a tertiary reason, safe rooms can protect you from pollutants. If there is a blast of some sort near your home or business place, a safe room can protect you from the impact of the explosion in the same way that it can protect you during a hurricane or tornado.

Protect Yourself with Impact Tested Safe Rooms in Dallas, Fort Worth

We, at Safe Rooms US, have been a pioneering member of the safe room and storm shelter industry in Texas and Oklahoma for over thirty years. We ensure our customers’ safety by supplying and installing safe rooms that meet or exceed FEMA’s safe room guidelines.

We operate in and deliver safe rooms to Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas and Oklahoma cities. We can deliver your custom safe room to you at your home or business place in less than ten days, with installation taking merely 45 minutes.

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