Emergencies You Can Survive In a Storm Shelter

Storm shelter can help you survive different emergencies and save millions of lives. Research shows that the cost per fatality avoided with the help of tornado shelters is $29 million in single-family homes and $2.6 million in mobile homes.

A storm shelter or safe room acts as a safety net during natural disasters. Having a storm shelter in your home can help you prepare for unexpected natural disasters and help you protect yourself and your family.

Families in Texas believe it to be a lifesaving investment. Deborah Crumbley and her family survived an F5 tornado in a safe room while the rest of her house fell apart. They choose to reinstall one in their new home.

The takeaway of the story is—be like Deborah. Don’t compromise the safety and security of your family. Here are a few emergencies that you can survive in a storm shelter.

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Safe rooms that can withstand strong tornadoes and storms are designed to meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria. Having a reliable safe room in your house can protect you and your family from injuries during these natural disasters. The walls and structure of these safe rooms can resist the power of EF5 tornados. Ideally, these should be located in a basement or a storm cellar.

A broken tree over on a car

Wind Storms

Wind storms can cause significant damage to the trees and buildings in your area. What’s worse is that the wind can carry flying debris that can fall on your house, causing fatal injuries. Many road accidents can also occur during wind storms. It is better to stay off the road and stay safe inside the storm shelter to protect yourself and your family.

Flash Floods

Above-ground storm shelters can help during flash floods that come without warnings. Some custom safe rooms are also waterproof to stop water from entering. It can give you enough space to stay inside and protect your family during a flood before help comes. However, if you have in-ground safe rooms, it’s better to wait inside your house to avoid getting stuck underground.

Home Invasions and Terror Attacks

Your safe room can be your panic room in case of home invasions and terror attacks. With the rising inflation rates, unemployment, and escalating terrorism problem, home invasions and terror attacks are becoming increasingly common. A safe room inside your house can also protect you during these circumstances by giving you a secure place to stay in.

The bottom line is—storm shelters can be life savers in many different situations. Get a safe room installed inside your house in Dallas if you don’t have one yet.

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