How Safe Rooms Are Elder-Friendly

Dealing with harsh weather conditions like storms and tornadoes are a way of life when you live in the Tornado Valley. In 2020 alone, there were 1053 reported tornadoes. Tornadoes, coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are less than suitable conditions for senior loved ones, making it more important than ever to have a safe room installed for the safety of the whole family.

Here are some reasons why safe rooms are more suitable for seniors compared to underground shelters:

They are installed above-ground

As we age, our muscles weaken. It’s very common for seniors to loose stability and strength in their legs past the age of 60. Seniors are more likely to experience arthritis as well, making it quite painful to move around, particularly climb down stairs—which is why having an underground shelter isn’t ideal.

Above-ground safe rooms are a safer option for senior loved ones. They can easily access the safe room whenever the weather is rough. We recommend installing an above-ground steel safe room in the garage so that they don’t have to head outside during stormy weather.

This safe room should contain all their necessary supplies like non-perishable food, medication, essential documents, a means of communication, etc.

elder safe room

They have a wide door that can fit a wheel chair

Above-ground safe rooms are also more accessible in general. They have doors that are 36” wide, allowing a wheel chair to easily fit through. This makes it easier for a senior loved one to get to the safe room if they live on their own, or a tornado is rapidly approaching.

How to prepare senior loved ones for a tornado?

To improve the safety of a senior loved one, prepare them for a tornado. Run them through the things they need to do, similar to a drill. This way they will be able to proactively get to safety during a tornado or hurricane.

Install a FEMA-approved safe room for the safety of your senior loved ones.

US Safe Rooms, offers steel safe rooms, concrete shelters, underground bunkers, underground garage shelter and above-ground storm shelters in Texas and Oklahoma.

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