Storm safe rooms tend to get dirty after some time. Learn what steps you should take to ensure a safe and clean storm safe room need clean out

How to Clear Out Your Storm Safe Room

Storm safe rooms are used across the Tornado Alley as a safe haven for when a tornado is near a residential population. People have safe rooms in their homes for their safety and this isn’t a very new concept. The history of safe rooms started from the Cold War era, where bunkers were quite commonly constructed in case a nuclear war broke out. The same concept was used to make safe rooms, which then became a popular one-time purchase in the Tornado Alley.

But how do you keep a safe room maintained for a long time? But for some people, safe rooms have started turning into storage spaces. This can be dangerous when you actually need these safe rooms the most, as you won’t have time to waste. Here’s how you can clear out your safe room and keep it prepared for a tornado.

Use the Right Equipment

Using equipment like gloves and heavy-duty mops is just the start. You must ensure that all corners of the safe rooms are cleaned. Besides that, be sure to use surface cleaners and disinfectants to ensure that the safe room is 100% sterile and safe to be used in case of an emergency.


When clearing out a safe room, sort things into different categories and prioritize what needs a detailed look and what does not. Put things into clearly labeled boxes. For the stuff that you haven’t used in a couple of years, consider selling it off or throwing it away. This will lead to a smooth clearing out process, rather than a chaotic situation.

clean safe room

Restock with Emergency Supplies

Once you’ve cleared and sorted everything out, stock the safe room with safety and emergency supplies, such as a first aid kit, canned foods and ample supply of water. Keep a torch at hand, along with batteries as well as portable chargers so that you can charge your devices if need be. Keep a radio handy so that you can find out if and when it’s safe to come out of the safe room.

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