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How to Protect Electrical Appliances during Storms

Yes, a storm shelter can keep you safe during a storm, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard your house and belongings—they must be kept safe during a storm too. This is especially important for electrical appliances.

In this blog, we’re letting you in on the secret and explaining how you can keep your favorite gadgets safe during a thunderstorm. Continue reading to find out all about them.

Take No Risks: Unplug Them

We know you’re smart enough to not use any electrical appliance while there’s a thunderstorm raging outside—we still ask you to go a step further and unplug them from the socket. This will ensure that children, or even adults, won’t carelessly turn them. Unplugging also allows you to put them away safely in a secure cabinet.

Install Surge Protectors  

Installing surge protectors in your house is the best thing to protect your electrical appliances from being blasted off from an electric surge. A lightning strike might hit your house and travel through the wiring, causing your electrical appliances to get damaged. But you can prevent this by installing surge protectors.

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Use a Water Resistant Cover

While we do insist that you remove your electrical appliances from places where rain can reach them, we also understand that removing some heavier gadgets might be difficult. Your fridge or washing machine for instance, might be standing in a place where rain drops can trickle inside and ruin the wiring. So, when you can’t move an appliance, make sure that you cover it using a rubber or parachute cover—any material that resists water. This will keep your electrical appliance safe from the onslaught of the downpour.

Keep Them in a Safe Place

Keep your electrical appliances in a place to ensure their safety. For instance, don’t put them somewhere where dust from the storm can get inside them and ruin the machinery. Also avoid keeping them in a place where they can’t stay dry—you don’t want moisture finding its way inside your electrical appliances.

Install a Tornado Shelter and Protect Yourself during a Thunderstorm

A safe room can keep you and your family safe during a thunderstorm. Safe Rooms US designs tornado shelters in Dallas that not only meet the FEMA guidelines, but surpass them. They also provide a ten-year warranty with their products.

To install a garage shelter or an underground bunker in your home, get in touch with us today.

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