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How To Stock Up a Safe Room

For anyone living in Tornado Alley, a storm shelter is as essential to their home or office building as any other room. If you’re still looking for the right type of safe room for your residence or commercial establishment, our experts at US Safe Room Tornado Shelters are always available to guide you. The next necessary step is adequately stocking a safe room.

Since Tornadoes in Texas are sudden and potentially deadly, it’s better to be prepared beforehand. Above-ground storm shelters are your best means of protection from tornadoes—and we take only two weeks to install them—but you have no idea how long you would have to stay inside!

Hence, you need to prepare your safe room before disaster strikes. Below, we’ve got some tips to help you stay safe and comfortable by properly stocking a safe room.

Food and Water

While this seems obvious, there is a lot to think about here. The food should be non-perishable and ready to eat unless you plan to install electric wiring and a microwave in your safe room shelter.

Another thing to take care of is your family’s food allergies since you won’t be able to rush to a hospital if someone needs medical attention. If you have pets, don’t forget their food. Always stock plenty of pet food as well. There should be enough water for everyone and safely stored in separate containers.

A Means of Communication

You wouldn’t want to cut all contact with the outside world in an emergency like a tornado. While stocking a safe room, we recommend keeping a radio (with extra batteries stored) through which you can be updated on the tornado’s situation by tuning in to the NOAA Weather Radio.

You should also register your safe room so that law enforcement groups know your location and can easily find you if you are stuck under a collapsed building and communication is cut.

Bedding and First Aid Supplies

Your family and yourself should be your top priority when you stock your tornado shelter. Since our safe rooms are customizable according to your size preference, you can fit sleeping bags or even foldable beds into your safe room shelter for comfort.

Remember to keep any medication that your family members need to take daily, especially breathing and anxiety medicines. It’s also essential to keep a first aid box in case of injuries.

first aid kitStocking a safe room is a crucial part of preparing for tornado season. Taking care of it properly beforehand can help with the difficulty of living through a tornado. If you’re a citizen of Texas or Oklahoma and want to install an above-ground storm shelter in your home, office, or community center, contact us for a free quote.

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