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How To Take Care Of Pets During A Storm

Storms are beyond scary to deal with. However, they’re even more worrisome for your four-legged pet who doesn’t quite understand why it’s so loud and dark outside.

It’s heartbreaking to witness your pet under such distress, especially while you’re also dealing with some very unpredictable weather conditions.

Here are some ways to calm your furry friend down and keep them safe until the sun’s out again.

Prepare A Pet Emergency Kit

When preparing for a storm, you need to factor in all the worst-case scenarios. For example, access to grocery stores or freshwater might not be easy during the coming week. A lack of food or water can lead to your pet being irritable and extremely stressed. It’s important to keep their routine as normal as possible during this time.

Keep an emergency kit that contains all the things you could ever need for your pet. Water, kibble, food bowls, pet medication, pet first aid kit, and their favorite toys are just some important items you should include. You can also keep clean poop bags and collars or leashes close by in case things get better and you might need to head out.

Microchip Your Pet

You might try your best to keep things under control during a storm, but sometimes, it can get too much. Pets may become frantic and make a run for it, despite you keeping a close eye on them. It’s crucial that you keep your pet in carriers or on a leash if you believe they are a flight risk.

On the off chance that your pet still manages to escape, they can be brought back to you if they are microchipped. A microchip is installed through a non-invasive procedure that can help local shelters trace your pet back to you.

Your pet will be tagged with a unique identification and your contact number, so you can rest assured that soon enough, the two of you will be reunited.

Keep Them In A Shelter

The best way to keep your pet safe is to shelter them away from all the commotion. You can install a safe room in your basement for this purpose, which can house you, your family, and your pet until the storm passes.

A safe room is completely encased in steel and is impact resistant. It also has enough space for you, your pet, their carrier and all of your essentials. You can ride out the storm with your four-legged friend stress-free.

If you would like to build an above ground storm shelter in Texas for your home, get in touch with Safe Rooms US. We provide customizable steel, safe rooms that are designed to pass the Texas Impact Test and keep you and your family safe. Contact us today for a free quote.

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