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Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons: Some Difference

Often, people are confused and unaware of the differences between hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons; if there are any.

This article aims to explore the similarities and differences between these three tropical storms; continue reading to find out.

What’s a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a fast rotating tropical storm that usually moves in a circular direction. It can reach a maximum speed of 119 km/hr, i.e., 74 mph. Hurricanes are created in a warm, and tropical region. Its speed is calculated on a scale called “Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale” with a 1 to 5 rating. They require a low air pressure area to grow.

It’s divided into three parts:

  • Eye wall: it consists of strong winds, and is the most dangerous part of a hurricane
  • Rainband: this constitutes the rains and is the area that spins.
  • The eye: this is the calm center of an otherwise destructive storm

Hurricanes form when moist, warm air of the ocean rises rapidly to mix with cooler air. They are catastrophic because they bring violent rains, strong winds, and high waves, destroying large areas.

Is a Cyclone Any Different?

It’s a huge wind system that circulates around a center having low atmospheric pressure. In the northern hemisphere, it moves counter-clockwise, while the direction changes to clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Cyclone is just another name for a tropical storm, the only difference being that it forms over the Indian Ocean.

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The stages of a cyclone include the disturbance, the tropical depression, a small storm, and a full-fledged storm. There are said to be 70 to 90 cyclones every year around the world, including:

  • Polar cyclones
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Extratropical cyclone
  • Mesocyclone

Is a Typhoon More Destructive?

A typhoon is just another name for a hurricane that forms in the Northwestern region over the Pacific Ocean. Typhoons start by being tropical thunderstorms. The wind sucks moisture from the oceans, and then transforms it into heat. Later, the heat makes the air move to the center of the typhoon, making it bigger and stronger. Typhoons damage crops, cause floods, and even destroy infrastructure.

There’s no actual difference between a hurricane and a typhoon. So, it’s just as destructive as a hurricane.

The Final Verdict: Is There Any Difference?

These natural phenomena are more or less the same but are given different names because of the different places they occur in. Cyclones are formed in the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions. Typhoons are formed above the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes form above the Northeast Pacific and North Atlantic Oceanic regions.

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