Is A Safe Room Worth Installing?

If you live in Dallas and Fort Worth, it’s probably crossed your mind to invest in a storm safe room for your home, given the frequency of tornadoes and thunderstorms here. But there’s no denying that it’s a hefty expense and one that’s going to require other spending too, such as on minor reconstruction and remodeling to make space for your shelter.

If you’re worried about the major investment that this entails, and are wondering if it’s worth the installation costs, consider the following factors and advantages of shelter installation:

It’s a long-term investment

Although shelter installation with us takes only about two weeks, think of it as an investment you’re making for the long-run. You’re making your home safe for your family for years to come, especially because our shelters come with a 10-year-warranty against corrosion and leaks.

You will use the shelter several times, and even enjoy its multi-purpose uses and abilities, giving you your money’s worth.

You can apply for shelter rebates and grants.

In an attempt to make private shelters more accessible for locals, the State of Texas offers shelter rebates and grants to homeowners through FEMA and on their own. You can apply for them and get a significant cost off your purchase, and installation reduced. We welcome these rebates because they help make our clients’ homes safer and more secure

steel tornado shelter installation

Above ground, shelters are easy to install

Unlike underground bunkers and garage shelters, steel safe rooms and above-ground storm shelters are easier to install. We offer shelter installation as part of our services and can place the safe room in your home’s existing spaces, be it a closet, garage, basement, or a separate room you build. Your shelter can be placed here and secured for when tornadoes strike, but be sure to register them with local rescue groups and governments to make sure they’re able to find you in an emergency.

Shelters boost property value significantly

Another added plus of storm shelters on your property is that the value goes up significantly. They make for a wonderful investment for your home and one that will help you secure a higher price when you decide to sell.

Beyond the safety and comfort offered by our shelters, you can benefit from having them as added security during rough weather, using them as additional storage spaces, and much more. Get a free quote on our storm shelters or know more about our work by contacting us.

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