Learn the Little-Known Facts About Tornadoes

Storm clouds towering over buildings

Myths and misunderstandings surrounding tornados and hurricanes are major contributors to both human suffering and fatalities. The following is a list of things you might not know about tornadoes that have been compiled by our team at Safe Rooms US to help you prepare for them.

1. A Tornado’s Duration Can Range From Minutes To Hours

According to NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory, the average duration of a tornado on the ground is around five minutes, although this can range from just a few moments to many hours.

For this reason, investing in a reliable and secure steel storm shelter in Texas is highly advised.

2. Tornado Season In The United States Typically Lasts From April Through June

According to experts, tornadoes are most common in the United States during the months of April and June. Even though May sees the most tornadoes overall, April is when the most powerful twisters hit. Twister activity peaks in June.

3. Tornadoes Can Cross Any Terrain And Body Of Water

Tornadoes may wreak just as much damage on rocky areas and higher heights as they can in broad fields. Rather than being influenced by topography, tornadoes are driven by differences in air temperature and humidity. Therefore, not even water can stand in their way. Tornadoes transform into waterspouts when this happens, although they can revert back to tornadoes when they make landfall.

4. Never Take Shelter Under A Bridge, Overpass or Inside a Car

It’s as risky as going out into an open field. Tornadoes gain momentum as they cross over bridges because the whirling wind whips up the air underneath them. As this occurs, everything in its path (including, sadly, humans) gets swept up and carried high into the tornado’s spout.

If you can’t reach a tornado safe room, the best way to deal with a tornado is to find a deep ditch, lie down and cover yourself with anything that you may use as a shield.

A tornado whirlwind forming near ships.

Invest In A Strong And Sturdy Tornado Safe Room In Texas Right Away!

It’s important to remember that you and your loved ones’ safety is the only thing that matters in the face of all the tornado myths and legends. Investing in a tornado safe room in Texas is a wise decision that will benefit you for many years to come. You and your family may rest easy knowing that you have a safe place to go in the event of a disaster, whether you choose our in-ground or above-ground storm shelter.

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