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Raging Storms: Top Ways to Spend Time Cooped Up at Home during a Storm

Storms are a common occurrence in Dallas and Fort Worth, and can quickly become dangerous. While a safe room does ensure your safety during a storm, what should you do when you can’t head outside?

In this blog, we have compiled a list of things you might want to try once you hear the thunder rolling. Continue reading to find out.

Hole Up With Your Favorite Romance

Whether it’s a timeless classic like ‘Pride and Prejudice‘, or something entirely new like ‘The Unhoneymooners’ or ‘The Love Hypothesis’—this is the perfect weather to dig those romances novels out and re-read them. We know bookworms rarely get the time to re-read their favorites because there are so many new books to read every day.

But sometimes, the weather calls for something that you can find comfort in, and this is when re-reading your favorites holed up in a cozy corner is the right thing to do.

When in Doubt, Scrabble it out

You can’t really leave your house during a storm without risking your life, so what should you do when the boredom rolls in? Challenge your roommate, or one of your family members to a game of scrabble, of course!

Whoever you’re stuck with is likely feeling the storm anxiety too, but don’t fret—you can end it with your competitive streak. Flatten the board and line the tiles; it’s time to give your mind something to mull over.

A person holding a knitting needle in their hands

Knit Your Worries Away

Is your passion project stuck in between? Now’s the perfect time to get it going! Grab that robin blue yarn and that cloudy white one too, and knit your worries away.

Whether you want to craft a simple floral pattern for your friend’s graduation gift, or want to go all out with stitch bags—the choice is yours!

Stay Safe in Dallas

Do you know a safe room can protect you during a windstorm? To ensure your family’s safety, consider installing a safe room shelter in your house. Safe Rooms US has over 2 decades worth of experience in the storm shelter industry. We are trusted by our clients in Dallas and Fort Worth for reliable and sturdy safe room installation.

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