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Reasons Why Storm Shelters Are a Necessity

According to a study, approximately 1,200 tornadoes hit the US every year, with 132 touching Texas. Needless to say that the recent occurrence of extreme thunderstorms and tornadoes across the US has made it inevitable for American homeowners to build storm shelters in their homes.

To keep your family and valuables safe from natural calamity, you should invest in storm shelters.  Let’s look at some reasons why that is.

Easy escape

Tornado winds move at dangerously high speeds. Most tornadoes and windstorms occur without any warnings and therefore finding a safe spot in case of emergency becomes difficult. If a tornado occurs close to your home, it can possibly cause irreparable damage.

To ensure the safety of your kids, pets, furniture, jewels, and other valuables make sure you have a panic room at your home.

A white colored ground tornado shelter in Texas

Protection of assets

According to stats, home burglaries occur every 18 seconds in the US. If you install an above-ground shelter at your home that’s equipped with cutting-edge technology, you can ensure the utmost protection of your assets and family.

You can keep your valuable assets in a panic room. If your storm shelter blends seamlessly into the home structure, burglars will think it’s an ordinary room and chances are, they’ll not choose the room for any criminal activity.

Customized to your needs

Rushing over to a neighbor’s panic room in case of an emergency is never a good idea. Their panic room space can be insufficient to suffice your family and most probably their storm shelters won’t fit your family’s needs.

By constructing a storm shelter at your home you can customize it according to your requirements and equip it with necessary first-aid items. Besides, if you have an elderly person in your family or a family member who has special needs you can construct a shelter that’s accessible for a wheelchair.

Home value

Want to increase your home value? Build a panic room in your home. Investing in a storm shelter will significantly help you hike up your home value. Storm shelters come in various designs and sizes.

Since storm shelters provide a high level of security and protection, most people want to purchase properties with built-in shelters and panic rooms. If you plan to sell your house any time soon, having a storm shelter can give your home a competitive edge over other properties.

Want to build a storm shelter at your home?

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