Steel Safe Room Installation Tips

As a resident of Texas, there’s a high chance that you might have found yourself in a safe room or shelter whenever there is a tornado warning. This is not uncommon for Southeastern Americans, as the area tends to get tornadoes all year.

So, the people of Texas and nearby states require shelters and bunkers to stay safe from the storms. Luckily for you, we offer our services to those who need safe spaces to ride out the storms.

Here’s an article that discusses safe room installation tips for you to better protect yourself and your families against tornadoes.

Decide On The Style

We offer a number of safe room styles to choose from, ranging from above-ground storm shelters to underground safe rooms. For senior citizens and persons with disabilities, it might be easier to use the above-ground shelter. Moreover, with newer technology and research, we now know that above-ground shelters are just as safe, if not more than underground ones.

Pick the Material

Shelters made to provide people with safety and protection against tornadoes and other natural disasters need strong construction materials. For example, we use and recommend steel as it can withstand wear and tear better than other materials.

If you wish to get a tornado shelter installed in Denison, TX, call us at 469-629-6000 to book an appointment.

Pick The Right Door

One of the most important aspects of a space’s security rests on how good that property’s doors are. Weaker doors with a poor security mechanism might break during the tornado, which can lead to grave, possibly fatal injuries for you and your family.

That’s why you cannot compromise on the strength and sophistication of your shelter’s door. Make sure to pick the door that will offer security and protection against climate change.


Follow these tips to ensure your shelter security system remains intact and performs optimally. We conduct assessments of people’s properties to install a safe room and provide quotes to all our clients. We also offer a variety of shelter sizes that you can choose from for your property, including concrete shelters and underground bunkers. If you need an expert’s services, email us at

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