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Stock Up Your Safe Room with These X Items

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: what do we stock in our tornado shelters? While the answer can differ from house to house, it’s important to have our bases covered.

Just remember: your supplies for the safe room should be separate from home supplies in case an emergency occurs and you’re stuck in your shelter for hours.

Light and Energy Sources

This one may not occur to you, but it’s essential! Tornado safe rooms have to be sealed and impenetrable to be able to work properly, which means that getting an electric source is near to impossible with these safe rooms. Instead, you’ll need battery operated lights and torches.

Food and Water

This one is obvious — but there are some things to consider. You must keep your safe room stocked at all times, which means checking that the water is clean, all the tins are still edible, and that there are cutlery and crockery to spare.

Phone or Landline

You will need to contact someone at some point, like family members or the authorities, which means that you should have a dedicated landline via underground cables or a phone with robust network capabilities to tide u over. However, if you use a cellphone, you should have a dedicated safe room one.

First Aid Kit


You never know what might happen in a disaster, which is why a first aid kit is a good idea. It should contain antiseptic, bandages, pain killers, stomach medicine, and any other supplies that would help, like Pedialyte, to keep your kids hydrated and energetic.

Tool Kits

If you’re going to be relying on torches and other materials that work on batteries, you should have plenty of those in your tool kit. A length of firm rope, hammers and screwdrivers, and even a wrench could come in handy. This is because you may need to get rid of obstructions or jiggle doors and windows open.

Self Defense Items

This is optional, but in the aftermath of natural disasters, there are plenty of evil-minded individuals that could be looking to rob homes. That’s where self-defense is useful, especially if you’re emerging from your safe room late at night. You may also need to go out for help, and having a taser or firearm could protect you.

Safe Box

A safe box that’s waterproof is an essential item to protect paperwork and other small items that would not last if your house got damaged. This includes cards, cash, passports, IDs, and similar things you need to keep with you.

Of course, the best way to keep your family and documents safe is to invest in our steel tornado shelters in Texas. Our above-ground storm shelters exceed FEMA standards and can be customized in whatever dimension you like, even to serve as a community storm shelter.

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