Extreme weather in Forth Worth

Storm Proofing Your Home Can Increase its Resale Value – Here’s How to Do It

Texas and Oklahoma are amongst the most tornado-prone states in the US today. If you’re a homeowner in either of these two, it’s no surprise that a home designed to keep its residents safe in destructive weather would merit higher offers on the market.

US Safe Room Tornado Shelters has been working for over two decades, building storm shelters and raising awareness about their necessity. Check out our blog about how to get back on your feet following a natural disaster. Of course, it’s always easier to get back to normal if the impact is minimized.

Of course, a comprehensive insurance plan could cover most, if not all, damages, but considering that some storms are powerful enough to flip trains and tear houses to pieces, it’s better to be on the safe side. Especially in a place like Forth Worth, safe rooms and weatherproof construction are a must.

While a steel storm shelter in Dallas’s tornado season is your best bet, there’s still plenty you’d probably have to do to keep safe on your property. Here’s how:

Windows and Doors – Don’t Forget The Garage

The first rule of weatherproofing is to keep the weather, heat, wind, or water out. This is why steel tornado shelters are encased on all sides with impenetrable layers of metal. So while a metal house may not be feasible, you can bolster the weak points: the windows and doors.

Oft forgotten are the garage doors. Professional storm proofers could probably help you inspect yours, but when you secure the windows and doors, don’t ignore the garage. Should any of these come undone, the winds will enter your home, along with any debris and water they may carry, and the structural integrity will be compromised from the inside.

Check the Structure

To make sure the outside of your house is tornado safe, check the gutters, the vents, and the roof. Reinforced windows and doors won’t do much good if the roof is ripped off. If you’re constructing a new home, ask your contractor if they think that the building materials will be able to withstand extreme weather events. If you’re living in an older home, it’s probably better to have it inspected and plan some upgrades.

This will lower your insurance premium too.

Have Your Yard Inspected

Many forget that when there’s a tornado strong enough to uproot trees whizzing about, those trees are subsequently thrown nearby. Keeping this in mind, have a good look at your yard and nearby trees in the neighborhood. It’s not only a matter of size but the strength of their roots.

By having them checked out by an arborist and asking specifically for a storm safe yard, you might be able to remove some trees that would have otherwise ended up far too close for comfort.

Tornado in a field in Texas

With all precautions taken to keep the home safe, US Safe Room Tornado Shelters still stresses the importance of taking extra, steel-encased steps to prevent loss of life. Even if all else fails, tornado safe rooms should still be standing, and their contents should be alive and well.

Our team can build custom safe rooms that fit your family and pets. Give us a call at 469-629-6000, and your steel storm shelter can be installed and ready for use in two weeks!

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