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Strategies For Seeking Safety From Tornadoes

Tornadoes can be scary and difficult to deal with. The first thing most people do after hearing about a potential tornado alert is panic. However, panicking is not a solution. It’s best to jot down emergency guidelines to shield yourself and your loved ones from harsh weather conditions. Most people often get confused when drafting an emergency strategy.

Experts at US Safe Room Tornado Shelters understand this issue and have compiled a set of places where you should and shouldn’t take shelter in case of a tornado. Look at this guide to learn about the variety of safe havens to take cover during a tornado.

The Most Safest Places To Take Shelter

The following are some of the safest spaces to take shelter in tornadoes.

1. Safe Room

Safe rooms are built to withstand extreme weather. They can keep you safe for hours due to controlled temperature. They offer near-absolute protection from storms and hurricanes to increase the survival chances for occupants.

Many above-ground safe rooms can withstand F5 tornadoes. Your family can stay safe during an emergency crisis until the tornado passes.

A storm shelter installed on a residential property

2. Interior Room

The next best location to take shelter is an interior space without window panes. Wardrobes and interior corridors are often ideal because they don’t have windows, which may shatter or be blown in during severe storms. Put as many barriers as you can between you and the exterior of your house. NWS recommends the following alternative options:

  1. Hallways
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Spaces under stairwells
  4. Closets

What To Do When You’re In A Safe Shelter?

The following are some effective tips about what to do when you reach a safe place:

  1. Crouch down to protect your head.
  2. Stay away from walkways, living rooms, entrance halls, or other glassed spaces in case you’re
  3. Avoid staying outside for long periods and head over to the nearest building for shelter.
  4. Keep a battery-powered flashlight and a fully charged phone with you if possible.
  5. Don’t try to step outside until the situation subsides.

The Most Dangerous Places To Avoid During A Tornadoes

The following are some of the most unsafe places to take shelter in case of tornadoes:

1. Trailer Parks

These structures are not only obvious tornado magnets but also hazardous sites to hide out during a tornado. They tend to roll over or even turn during storms. If the flight misses you, it might take a piece of flying debris or a tree crashing on top of it to harm you. Therefore, it’s best to take shelter in a more secure setting.

2. Automobiles

Cars like mobile homes tend to flip over during harsh weather conditions. The windows glass can also hurt you in case the pane is damaged. Therefore, try to avoid taking shelter in any vehicle.

Ensure Your Family’s Safety by Installing a Safe Room in   Your House in Dallas

Valuing your family means ensuring their well-being and safety, especially during a storm. By installing a FEMA-approved, premium-quality tornado shelter or safe room in your house, you can ensure that your family members stay safe.

US Safe Room Tornado Shelters makes the sturdiest safe rooms in Dallas and provides a ten-year warranty on them. We can install an underground bunker in your house within ten days of your order placement. To learn more about our services, check out our website.

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