Signs to Look Out for Before a Tornado Strikes

signs before tornado

Tornadoes are highly unpredictable weather events and can be difficult to forecast in advance. However, thanks to the tireless work of weather experts, scientists, storm chasers, and the like, patterns have been observed and studied to help predict these weather events before they strike.

Why Tornadoes are So Difficult to Predict and Understand

unpredictable and dangerous

Tornadoes are vertical columns of air that are generated in supercell storms and come in contact with the ground. They are classified as weather events and often minuscule compared to other more universal events, making them highly specific in their nature.

3 Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Storm Safe Rooms

safe room cleaning supplies

Your storm safe rooms need cleaning and maintenance on the regular in order to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety. It can be challenging to know when and how to get the job done. Sometimes cleaning becomes necessary as a result of general wear, tear, use, and time, and other times you need to […]