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Signs to Look Out for Before a Tornado Strikes

Tornadoes are highly unpredictable weather events and can be difficult to forecast in advance. However, thanks to the tireless work of weather experts, scientists, storm chasers, and the like, patterns have been observed and studied to help predict these weather events before they strike.

While not all conditions look the same or result in a tornado’s emergence and formation, nothing may happen either. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize signs that a tornado might be underway.

Some of the most major signs that a tornado is about to strike include:

Green and grey skies

The sky is a major tell for when the weather is changing and becoming rougher. The greenish hue results from hailstones and light-reflecting, giving an almost sinister glow to the sky. When you find the sky changing color to indicate storm development, it’s essential to check into weather reports and news to see if there is a tornado on the horizon. This is especially ominous if the skies change color in the middle of the day. Without delay, find the nearest storm shelter, or if you’re at home, hide in your storm safe room.

Hailstorm and sleet

Hail tends to accompany tornadoes more often than not, and if you notice large hailstones without rain, there’s a good chance there’s a tornado emerging. Focus on protecting yourself and seeking shelter, and avoid being near windows, doors, or in your car where glass may shatter, and debris may hurt you.

tornado formation

Roaring noises and sounds

Sometimes, before you see a tornado, you are likely to hear it and if you pick up on roaring sounds of debris, or like a rumbling thunderstorm or freight truck are headed your way, run the other way. This could mean that a tornado has already touched the ground, and it’s imperative that you seek appropriate and safe shelter as soon as possible.

Look out for tornado watches and warnings

Often conditions and signs don’t always align with what we know and assume, and that’s all the more dangerous. A tornado watch helps track developments and signs and makes predictions that a tornado might occur, factoring in weather conditions and more, while a warning is a definite sign that a tornado is approaching or has touched ground, and you should absolutely find shelter and lay low.

Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to know when a tornado strikes, which is why you should always have access to a storm shelter. If you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, contact us for steel safe rooms and more.

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