Choosing the Right Size of Tornado Shelter for Your Texas Home

Aboveground Safe Room in the Corner of a Garage

The right size for your tornado shelter ultimately depends on the number of people who’d use it. FEMA recommends that every person have at least three feet of floor space in the tornado shelter. Multiply that by the number of people you have, and you get your total square footage for the required tornado shelter. […]

Weather Predictions 2020—Learning to Protect Yourself

Scene of Rainstorm with Lightning

It’s predicted to be a warm, tumultuous year ahead! But for now, with the U.S. preparing for weather hazards, storms and tornadoes, it seems that like we did in 2019, we might have to buckle up for another eventful year. So, how do we keep ourselves safe from Tornado Shelters in Texas and Tornado Shelters […]

Preparing for the Worst—How to Stay Safe During a Tornado

Tornado About to Make Landfall

If you’ve recently moved to a tornado-prone area, it’s important that you understand the ways of keeping yourself and your family members safe. During a tornado warning, your first instinct will definitely be to find lower ground, a space where you can hide in to stay safe from the strong wind and debris. But durable […]

5 Tornado Safety Tips & Rules

Dark Storm Clouds Gathering Over a Yellow Grass field

A higher-than-average ratio of tornadoes is being forecast for the year 2020. As a precautionary measure, more people in the U.S., especially in high-risk areas such as Plano, Sherman, Denison and Fort Worth and other areas in Texas, are preparing beforehand by investing in tornado shelters—both underground and aboveground—so they can have a safe space […]