Tornado About to Make Landfall

Preparing for the Worst—How to Stay Safe During a Tornado

If you’ve recently moved to a tornado-prone area, it’s important that you understand the ways of keeping yourself and your family members safe.
During a tornado warning, your first instinct will definitely be to find lower ground, a space where you can hide in to stay safe from the strong wind and debris. But durable furniture and little nooks and crannies will only protect you for so long.

This is why US Safe Rooms offers some special safety tips so you can learn how to stay safe during a tornado watch.

  • Learn the Difference between ‘Watch’ and ‘Warning’

A tornado watch is meant to be a cautionary measure. This allows people to keep watch for any signs that a tornado may likely develop. A tornado warning however, indicates that a tornado has been spotted or is about to develop so everyone should seek shelter immediately.

  • Make it Easy for Yourself to Get Warnings

Keep your television tuned to the local network to stay up-to-date on your tasks. In addition, keep a wireless handheld radio along with you, and download a weather warning app on your phone so you can get the latest news on alerts and radars.

  • Go to the Shelter When in Doubt

Have a tornado shelter already installed in your home?
If a notification is issued for a tornado watch, take your precious belongings and head to the shelter as soon as possible. Debris is one of the major causes of injuries and fatalities in case storm conditions lead to a tornado. If you see debris flying about, don’t wait for things to get worse before you decide to go to the shelter.

  • Stay Away from the Windows

And don’t bother keeping them open either in order to equalize pressure. This is only a myth that does nothing to preserve your safety. Just stay away from the windows and seek shelter in an interior room of your house, a closet if possible, if it’s too late to go to the shelter.

Tornado Shelter to be Installed

Invest in Your Safety

Put away some money to invest in a tornado or storm shelter, above- or underground. And hold tornado drills with your family members so everyone knows what to do in case a tornado makes landfall. With the right training and proper equipment, you’ll have taken every step that’s needed to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from any tornado damage.

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