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Tornado About to Make Landfall

Preparing for the Worst—How to Stay Safe During a Tornado

If you’ve recently moved to a tornado-prone area, it’s important that you understand the ways of keeping yourself and your family members safe.
During a tornado warning, your first instinct will definitely be to find lower ground, a space where you can hide in to stay safe from the strong wind and debris. But durable furniture and little nooks and crannies will only protect you for so long.

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Dark Storm Clouds Gathering Over a Yellow Grass field

5 Tornado Safety Tips & Rules

A higher-than-average ratio of tornadoes is being forecast for the year 2020.
As a precautionary measure, more people in the U.S., especially in high-risk areas such as Plano, Sherman, Denison and Fort Worth and other areas in Texas, are preparing beforehand by investing in tornado shelters—both underground and aboveground—so they can have a safe space nearby in case a tornado hit.

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Community Storm Shelter

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Community Storm Shelter

Community Storm Shelter is rated and tested for dangerous EF5 Tornadoes.  Our design meet’s all FEMA requirements and guidelines.  They have a 10 year warranty against leaks or corrosion.  Our design has been tested by the Texas Tech Impact Test and passed.  They are rated for an EF5 Tornado.  Our engineer plans are on file with the state.  The Community Storm Shelter has to be anchored and installed on a Slab.  We can pour a slab for you at your location.

We can custom build your Community Storm Shelter for your businesses.  For the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma we installed large below and above ground Community Storm Shelters at all their Community Centers.  We have installed our above ground Safe Rooms at Army Bases in Iowa and Kentucky.  Each Army base ordered 20 of the 8’x20’x7’H Steel Safe Room.

Community Storm Shelter

We have built them big enough for 150 people with each person given 5 sq ft per person.  The above ground Safe Rooms are handicap accessible, the door opening is 3 feet wide.  Our door can open either In or Out.

Our company installs for residential and commercial properties, FEMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Churches, Apartment Complexes, Daycare’s, etc..

At US Safe Room’s we specialize in Tornado Steel Safe Rooms.   Community Storm Shelters.  All of the Tornado Shelters have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test. They withstand flying debris from the deadliest of twisters, an EF5.  The design of our shelter meets or exceeds FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards. And each carry and Engineer Approved Seal.

We build all of our Safe Rooms and can build any size you like, even to the inch.

You  can  call  us  at   469-629-6000   from  7am-10pm  every  day

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