Choosing the Best Design for Your Safe Room: Tips and Considerations

Buying a safe room is a wise decision to protect yourself and your loved ones from unseen natural disasters like storms and tornados. Part of investing in a below-ground or above-ground steel storm shelter in Texas is selecting the right safe room design based on your home space and budget.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), post-disaster events have shown that there have been no reported failures of a safe room constructed as per FEMA guidelines. This is why it is important to pick the right design for your safe room, and Safe Rooms US provides custom-built safe room designs suited to your space and community size.

Here are some of the tips and considerations to think about when choosing a safe room design:

1. Choose the right location

If you are building a new home, assign some space for your safe room. On the other hand, if you are installing a safe room in your existing house, ensure it is accessible. It should be somewhere your family can reach in the least amount of time. It should have enough space for all your family members, and ideally, it should have some room to store basic necessities like food and water.

Safe Rooms US will help you determine the best safe room design and other sizes and specifications. Their safe room meets and exceeds all FEMA guidelines and has cleared the Texas Tech Impact Test.

2. Installing a Strong Door

Building a strong door and adding to its defenses is important. You can add a deadbolt lock, a jammer, a sturdy door frame, and an exterior slab at the entrance. Ensure all these safety measures do not obstruct quick entry during an emergency.

3. Research Materials

Since this structure has to be disaster-proof. You should know what materials are inside it and how they will react to strong winds and humidity. Knowing this will allow you to track the maintenance of the safe room. Concrete and steel are both good options for your safe room design.

Make Safe Rooms US Your Safe Room Design Partner

Be prepared in the face of adversity and leave no stone unturned to save your family. The story of Harrison Family is one of several families that survived dastardly tornados due to a safe room. Take the wise decision to study safe room designs today so you can avoid major losses in the future.

Reach out to us at Safe Rooms US and get a customized safe room today. Get a free quote and receive your safe room within seven to ten days of placing the order. We fabricate our designs, so completing the project takes this time window.

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