What To Do When You’re Outside During a Tornado

car driving from tornado

It’s a common misconception that tornadoes only occur in the so-called Tornado Alley in the United States. Tornadoes can touch down in practically any part of the country, whether it’s densely populated and urban or rural and sparsely located. So, for everyone, we must understand how to protect ourselves. At US Safe Rooms in Dallas, […]

Will Climate Change Affect Tornadoes In Texas?

tornado in field

It’s a devastating condition that took years in the making. But considering present circumstances, it’s clear that the world must become serious about combating climate change now when we still have time! According to NASA, in addition to the increase of greenhouse gases, mismanagement of waste, pollution (all kinds), and more, the earth’s climate has […]

Weather Predictions 2020—Learning to Protect Yourself

Scene of Rainstorm with Lightning

It’s predicted to be a warm, tumultuous year ahead! But for now, with the U.S. preparing for weather hazards, storms and tornadoes, it seems that like we did in 2019, we might have to buckle up for another eventful year. So, how do we keep ourselves safe from Tornado Shelters in Texas and Tornado Shelters […]