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Will Climate Change Affect Tornadoes In Texas?

It’s a devastating condition that took years in the making. But considering present circumstances, it’s clear that the world must become serious about combating climate change now when we still have time!

According to NASA, in addition to the increase of greenhouse gases, mismanagement of waste, pollution (all kinds), and more, the earth’s climate has changed dramatically in the past few decades. More so than what’s changed since humans began recording CO2 emissions and global changes!

And in larger countries like the United States, we’ve had to bear the brunt of our conduct. In states like Texas, we have observed an acute change in the climate. Temperatures have warmed up by 1½ degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall for Texas is also increasing, and floods have become more severe.

But alongside that, what has caused the most devastation is the increasing destruction caused by tornadoes.

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Tornado Destruction in Texas

2010–2020 has been one of the most damaging decades for the American South thus far.

In just 2020, 918 filtered reports were made of tornadoes, with 605 confirmed. Eighty-three fatalities were reported worldwide, with 75 from the U.S. Damages have gone upward of $4.4 billion. In comparison to tornadoes in the past decades, this year has been the deadliest since 2011.

And with time, it’s expected that this situation might worsen and become more widespread.

The Weather Channel noted that in 2018, places such as Pennsylvania and Wyoming recorded their first tornadoes. Washington State was hit by the strongest tornado as well, and in December, which was highly unprecedented. And though it’s a fact that tornadoes can touch down in any part of the world, the fact that a record of nine tornadoes made landfall in places such as Connecticut and Illinois among others, only showed that the so-called tornado alley would become more extensive, enough to encompass more surrounding states.

Future Precautions

For all in susceptible cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as those in and near Tornado Alley, experts recommend that all homeowners and citizens take proper care to keep themselves safe. Practicing tornado drills at home, keeping emergency bags prepared, investing in a tornado safe room—by taking these precautions, people can keep themselves secure, if a tornado does make landfall.

Final Thoughts

In addition to taking precautions such as investing in tornado shelters, it’s also crucial that we change our lifestyle and habits for the greater good. Global warming and climate change are a result of our collective ignorance of the situation at stake.

However, by spreading awareness of climate change and the steps we can take to stop the destruction, we may be able to make a dent in the damage that’s already been done!

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