Preparing for the Worst—How to Stay Safe During a Tornado

Tornado About to Make Landfall

If you’ve recently moved to a tornado-prone area, it’s important that you understand the ways of keeping yourself and your family members safe. During a tornado warning, your first instinct will definitely be to find lower ground, a space where you can hide in to stay safe from the strong wind and debris. But durable […]

5 Tornado Safety Tips & Rules

Dark Storm Clouds Gathering Over a Yellow Grass field

A higher-than-average ratio of tornadoes is being forecast for the year 2020. As a precautionary measure, more people in the U.S., especially in high-risk areas such as Plano, Sherman, Denison and Fort Worth and other areas in Texas, are preparing beforehand by investing in tornado shelters—both underground and aboveground—so they can have a safe space […]