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The 3 Best Places to Have Storm Shelters Installed in Your Home

Traveling at more than 200 miles per hour, tornados cause devastating damage, obliterating anything that comes in their way. The United States experiences around 1,000 tornados every year, a majority of which occur in Texas. Some sections of the state are even dubbed “Tornado Alley”.

It’s a no-brainer to have a steel room in your house if you live in such areas, so when the news of a tornado hits the news, you’re off to the races, preparing to bunker up. But if you’re wondering where to install your tornado safe room, here a few recommendations:

Above Ground

Above ground storm shelters are the most convenient, as they require no digging, and are reasonably simple to set up. Your day to day work will not be affected in the same way in which underground, or garage shelters hinder work, as a lot of digging and excavation is required in the latter two.

You can leave a pod or a room for shelter outside, and when there’s an update, you can get in with your supplies and other people to share the room with.


The garage is one of the most convenient places to install a storm shelter in. It is easily accessible and is usually large enough to get a storm shelter installed.

One of the few things that a storm shelter needs are a strong concrete base and a garage provides that. You can get out of it after the storm passes very quickly as well. For people who can’t climb stairs, this also opens up a door to accessibility.

garage storm shelter


Getting a storm shelter installed in your basement has one major disadvantage; people who can’t use stairs may require assistance. But it is a lot more convenient to get a bunker installed in the basement than getting your garage dug up.

Being underground is a lot safer during a tornado, and having one in your basement adds to the level of security you can get.


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