The Best Places To Have A Safe Room Installed

If you live in Texas or any nearby state, you’ve likely had to take shelter from a tornado. Tornadoes are fairly common across the Southeastern states of America, with major tornado outbreaks reported every month.

So given this climate, where should you build a safe room for yourself and your family? Read on to learn about three possible locations where a storm shelter can be built for you, your family, and perhaps even your community.

Inside Your Home

The quickest way to get to shelter from a tornado is to have a shelter room installed within the walls of your home. For families that have people with disabilities or senior citizens who have trouble walking, a storm shelter inside your home would be the ideal option.

We offer a variety of sizes for shelter rooms, ranging from rooms at 4×6 to very large safe rooms that can house an entire family. With the expertise of our professionals, we can fit a safe room inside your home with minimal to no damage caused to nearby walls and ceilings.

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Outside Your House

If the structure of your home cannot accommodate a storm shelter, then you can also build it right outside your house. This can either be built underground or above the ground; both options are safe if built with the right materials and installed with the proper precautions in place.

We offer steel shelter rooms to our clients who wish to install high-quality, secure rooms that can be customized depending on where the room is to be installed. If you are going to go with a safe room outside your house, our experts recommend that it should be close to your garage door or your back door. This will ensure swift access when an emergency arises.

Community Storm Shelter

There are places across America where people have set up community storm shelters, where in the case of a tornado alert, they can all gather. Although getting to the community storm shelter will take longer than if the shelter was inside your home, community shelters also have greater storage capacities, power backups, and overall come better equipped in situations of crisis.

Please note that you should only opt for a licensed, highly-rated shelter room service to ensure you get the best product. Our steel shelter rooms are completely safe and can protect you against harsh winds as well as windborne debris. Call us now at 469-629-6000 to book an appointment anywhere from Fort Worth to Denison in Texas.

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