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The Correct Way to Relocate Your Storm Safe Room

Safe rooms are starting to become a common sight in homes across Texas and Oklahoma, because of the high number of tornadoes that these states experience. Being part of the tornado alley of the US, states like Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas experience at least 1000 tornadoes each year.

Last year, even though the number of tornadoes decreased, the fatality rate increased by almost 90%. As climate change and other natural disasters start to increase, residents in the Tornado Alley should always be prepared for the worst and plan accordingly.

Reasons For Relocating Your Safe Room:

People tend to move their safe rooms for multiple reasons. Some might even move their safe rooms because they do not want their safe room to be in an open space and prefer them to be in a closed location, preferably underground.

Similarly, for some people, space starts to become an issue as their families grow or their needs start to change, which is why they might opt to move their safe rooms outside. The reasons might also include a certain law or requirement that might force the owners to move their safe homes.

Sometimes landlords are also picky and might ask their tenants to move their safe rooms outside the property.

Things To Look For When Relocating:

One of the most important things to watch out for is having your safe room placed in a safe and secure location, where it can help you in time of need. Being placed in an already unstable location kills the purpose of having a safe room.

Similarly, be sure to use professional safe room service to move your safe room. This is very important, because without the right screw fitting and strong placement done by professionals, your safe room would not be 100% secure. Not doing so might hinder its usage and safety when you need it the most.

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If you are looking for a professional safe room provider or relocating support, contact US Safe Rooms. We have 25 years of experience in installing and relocating tornado safe rooms, storm shelters. We provide the highest quality service at some of the best rates for safe rooms in Fort Worth and other areas of Texas. Our products meet the FEMA guidelines and have cleared the local impact tests, and can withstand an AF5 tornado.


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