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The Importance Of Having A Safe Room In Your Home And Why You Should Have One

Texas has a long history of harsh weather. The state is home to more tornadoes than any other state in the US and is also susceptible to hurricanes, hailstorms, and floods. On average, Texas witnesses 139 storms every year.

Therefore, it’s best to have an emergency kit prepared for the storm season. Flashlights and internet-abled devices to check weather updates frequently are a must. You should have a tornado emergency plan to protect your loved ones during this time. Installing storm shelters and safe rooms is a good idea.

Take a look at this guide to understand the importance of having a safe room in your home and why you should have one.

1. It Helps To Ensure The Safety Of Your Family

Extreme weather events can severely affect residences and their contents. A storm shelter provides a safe place for your family members and your assets and treasured possessions. You have the option to install it underground to secure your personal belongings.

2. Protection Against Criminals

Although many people believe their neighborhood to be safe, there are times when unauthorized visitors break into their homes and put homeowners’ lives in danger. Therefore, it’s best to have a backup plan to shield yourself and your loved ones from such situations. Having a safe room will help you avoid putting your family’s lives in danger from these perpetrators.

3. They Offer Flexible Placement

Safe rooms can be installed above-ground or underground. They could even be integrated into your house. Most safe rooms are installed within the property’s basement level. Nevertheless, a safe room can be constructed anywhere you need it in your house.

For instance, a bedroom closet might include a secret entrance. They can also be designed as standalone, outdoor, above- or below-ground rooms. Moreover, they are commonly used as storm shelters.

4. It Might Help In Increasing Your Property’s Value

A safe room protects you from criminals and natural disasters and helps increase your residential property’s market value.

Texas is located in Tornado Alley. This alley is where cold, dry air, warm moist air, and warm, dry air clash making the clusters of states in this area more susceptible to storms and tornadoes. This means people are more likely to buy a house with a safe room than one without.

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