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Things to Do When There’s A Forecast of a Tornado in Your Area

A report for an expected tornado is typically provided 36 to 48 hours beforehand to alert the residents of the area to prepare for the threat. This time should be utilized to stock up on essential things to keep and move to a safe area. Here are some things to do when there’s a tornado expected to hit your area.

Stock Up on Food and Water

The essential things to keep in stock are food and water, the quantity of which can multiply depending on the number of people you’ll be hunkered down in the storm with. If you have children and pets living with you, store their food separately.

food and water

You’ll need water for sanitation and to stay hydrated, as well as to mix with any packaged or canned food you may need to add it to. Keep food that does not spoil easily, because it’s less likely that you’d keep tabs on what’s stored in the safe room and when it’s expiring.

Make Preparations

If there are any valuables in your home, such as art and other decoration pieces, move them to a vault or the basement, along with other items that you’d want to keep in good condition. Park your car inside the garage, as stronger storms can easily lift cars several feet, causing a great deal of destruction.

Charge flashlights, phones, and other electronic accessories that you would need during a weather emergency. A radio will come in handy as it can keep you updated in case the cellular signals go down.

Move to A Safe Place

Before the storm hits your area, move to a safe place such as a storm shelter or a safe room. Make sure there aren’t any heavy objects that could collapse from the floor above. Staying outdoors, on foot or in a car is not recommended as people, and heavy objects can easily be hurled away by the winds of a storm.

steel storm shelter room

If you’re inside your home, move away from any windows as the glass can break, causing collateral damage. Stay put until you’re cleared by any authorities such as a weather channel that the threat has been averted.

If there’s the threat of a storm in your area, it is highly recommended that you get a storm shelter installed for your home or business. US Safe Room provides safe rooms and storm shelters that not only clear but exceed FEMA guidelines for an EF-5 storm and have cleared the Texas Tech Impact Test.

Our storm shelters provide safety and security during hurricanes and tornadoes for several people at a time. Residents of Fort Worth and Dallas, TX can get in touch with us today for a free quote on our services and products.


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