tornado approaching.

Things To Include In Your Family’s Disaster Plan

If you’re living in Texas, you need to develop an effective disaster plan for your family. Texas and Oklahoma are known to be the most tornado-prone states in the country. In fact, in May alone, five tornadoes have struck Dallas, Texas.

A disaster plan helps you prepare for such an event and communicate the plan with your family, particularly the children. Here are some things to include in your family’s disaster plan:

Meeting Places

Make a list of safe areas your family members can go to during a tornado warning. Have this list available at various places in your home and vehicles too. Keep a copy of this document in the various devices you use, such as smartphones and laptops as well. When making this list, include places near work, school, and home.

Essential and Emergency Contact Info

Also, make a list of all emergency contacts needed during such a time. This list should include friends and family that should be contacted, in addition to paramedics, hospitals, the fire department, the police, etc. Also list down all the town shelters that are nearby.

List of Valuables to Grab

Essential paperwork, money, and certain important sentimental items are things you can’t afford to lose in a disaster. Make sure all such important documents and belongings are taken along when you’re fleeing a space to find shelter. If you have a safe room on your property, take these important belongings there.

Have a Safe Room Installed

While having a community shelter nearby is helpful, it’s always a good idea to invest in a safe room of your own. Your family can safely take shelter here during storms, tornadoes, and during periods of political unrest too. Our safe rooms are built with the best quality materials so that it can take on even the strongest tornadoes and keep your family safe.

Have FEMA-approved safe rooms and storm shelters installed in Dallas by US Safe Room Tornado Shelters.  With over 25 years of experience in this industry, our team of experts can help you choose the right shelter for your needs. We build and install steel tornado shelters, concrete shelters, underground bunkers, and underground garage shelter across Texas and Oklahoma.

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