Things To Keep In A Safe Room

Residents of Texas are well aware of the damage flash floods and tornadoes can wreak. In order to safely prepare for such extreme weather, a safe room is essential. It keeps you, your family, and certain valuables safe during such dangerous weather. However, having a safe room alone isn’t enough. This safe room must be well stocked, and you should have a well-developed disaster plan as well.

Here are some things to have in your above ground safe room:

Things you can communicate with


Although you’re in a safe room, it’s important to still be connected to the world outside. Sometimes tornadoes and storms can cause such mass destruction that you and your family might be stuck inside your safe room for days. It’s essential that you’re able to get in touch with emergency services or your emergency contact to help you out of there. Your phone can also help you stay up to date with what’s going on outside. Do make sure your smartphone works in the safe room, sometimes signals don’t get through. Invest in an emergency phone as well, along with a radio.

Food and Water

food and water

Food and water are the most important part of taking shelter in a safe room. Since storms and tornadoes are so unpredictable, make sure your safe room is always stocked with food and water. Canned food, nuts, crisps, cookies, granola bars, etc have a long shelf-life and can be stored for many months. Make sure the safe room is always restocked after any food is consumed. Also make it a point to periodically check the items and get rid of stuff that’s past its best before date.


Always have something in your safe room that can be used for self-defense. While this most likely won’t be used during bad weather, you never know when you’re tackling an intruder or riots are taking place due to political unrest. Make sure your self-defense item is safely stored away so that it’s out of reach of children.

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