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Thunderstorm Safety: Do’s and Don’ts

What you do during a hurricane has a significant influence on how securely you and your property survive the lashing winds and heavy rains brought by each cylinder rotation brought by a tropical storm system.

While we all wish storms would take a detour back into the sea and wreak devastation far from human settlements, the reality is that hurricanes are destined to reach landfall sooner or later.

Remain Indoors and Away From Windows

If your location is under a mandatory evacuation order, we strongly advise you to depart immediately. During a storm, the greatest place to be is far away from its line of potential damage. They issue such instructions for a reason, and staying far away from the cyclone is the safest course of action.

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What to do during a storm is determined by whether or not you plan to leave. If you want to remain and avoid evacuation, you must remain inside at all times and away from any windows or doors. Hurricanes are very violent storms capable of hurling whole automobiles into the air at the drop of a hat.

Hurricanes are more than capable of hurling a two-by-four through a window or door. Even if your windows and doors are impact-resistant, it’s a good idea to maintain a safe distance when the storm passes through.

The second-best location to be during a storm is an inside room on the first level of your houses, such as a closet or bathroom. Even if the storm seems to have subsided and dispersed outside, remain indoors since this might be the calm eye of the storm.

tornado in a city


  • In the event of a thunderstorm accompanied by strong winds; give mechanical assistance.
  • If farmers are out in the field and unable to locate shelter, they should avoid the tallest item in the area.
  • If there are just solitary trees around, the best defense is to crouch in the open.
  • Restrict animals’ access to open water, ponds, and rivers.
  • Maintain a safe distance between animals and tractors and other metal agricultural equipment.
  • Drain standing crops of extra water.
  • Cover harvested vegetables with a polythene sheet (if in the field).


  • Avoid coming into touch with electrical appliances or cables.
  • Avoid contact with metal objects such as tractors, agricultural equipment, and bicycles. As metal or other conductors of electricity.
  • Prevent your animals from congregating beneath trees. Keep an eye on your animals.

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