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Tips to Ensure a Safe Hideout for Your Family During a Tornado

It’s impossible to predict exactly what will be left behind when a tornado hits. Some dwindle and redirect away from homes at the last minute, and some pick up unexpected speed and strength and shred everything but storm-safe rooms and bunkers.

US Safe Room Tornado Shelters has worked for years to raise awareness about the potential that extreme weather has to go from thrilling to devastating. We also strongly advocate having a tornado shelter in your home to keep yourself and your family safe.

Check out our blog with safety tips and explanations of the many hazards of being ill-prepared in a storm. Here’s how to avoid finding out firsthand:

Know Your Safe Room Provider

Your safe room is only as safe as your chosen company is dedicated to upholding high standards. To be considered tornado-safe by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the product must meet the set stipulations. It’s also a good sign if they’ve been impact tested. Make sure to research the product you buy and discuss your needs with the installation team.

Pay attention to whether they’re considering everything before they proceed. Remember that a tornado shelter that isn’t properly grounded could have catastrophic consequences.

The Space

As you browse safe rooms, make sure you’re considering all the factors. You need room for all the house’s residents, or perhaps more. Think carefully about how many people you want to be able to give storm shelter to. If you have a babysitter or a frequent visitor, you might also want to make accommodations for them.

Stock it!

Water, snacks, blankets, and everything you think you might need for five or six hours should be ready and waiting in your tornado shelter. Most importantly, a first aid kit.

If you have children, it’s a good idea to bring something along to entertain them. This isn’t a bad idea for adults, either. Within the shelter, you should assume you will lose access to Wi-Fi and data services.

Wreckage after an intense tornado

US Safe Room Tornado Shelters has installed safe rooms in Fort Worth, Dallas, and several Texas and Oklahoma locations. Our products are all top-notch, and our teams are committed to completing installations flawlessly and efficiently. When you book with us, it hardly takes two weeks for you to be storm-safe in a steel tornado shelter or one of our custom safe rooms.

We understand that your safe room shelter is the last resort in an emergency. We stand behind the effectiveness of our installations, which is why each product comes with a ten-year guarantee. To get a free quote, give us a call at 469-629-6000.

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