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Tips to Keep Yourself Calm During a Tornado

Every year, on average 1,200 tornadoes hit the different parts of areas in the United States of America. Last year, according to statistics, 80 people die and at least 1,500 are injured every year due to tornadoes. Despite technological advancements, little has been achieved when ti comes to protecting people from such natural disasters.

While it’s natural to freak out and panic in such situations, keeping yourself calm and composed can help you make wise decisions and survive. This blog post will share some tips on how you can keep yourself calm amid natural disasters.

Tornado Warning

When the authorities issue a tornado warning, it doesn’t mean that the tornado is already waiting outside your door like a monster. It just means that it’s approaching your city and you must take safety precautions. Hence, when the warning is issued, try to keep yourself and others around you calm as you seek safe shelter. Staying calm doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take immediate action. You must take your family inside a basement or any other similar place and stay there until the tornado is over.

Take Your Basic Belongings

You can never be sure how long a tornado is going to last. It can go away within a few minutes, or stay for an hour. Hence, when you’re heading out to hide in a safe underground shelter, take food and important belongings with you. Ideally, if you’re living in an area where tornadoes are frequent, then you should always have a backpack ready with all the essentials you may need during the tornado.

Stay with Others

It’s human psychology to stay more calm and relaxed when we’re surrounded by people. The realization that you’re not alone can help you stay calm and deal with the situation in a better way. Hold hands, and sing with others, trying to uplift each other while the tornado waits outside.


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