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What To Do If You’re Caught In A Storm

There is a widespread misunderstanding that tornadoes only happen in the geographical region of the United States known as Tornado Alley. Tornadoes can strike anywhere in the United States, from metropolitan centers to rural enclaves. As a result, everyone must know how to keep themselves safe.

At Safe Rooms US, we advise all our customers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and other areas to purchase tornado shelters or safe rooms for their families’ protection. But what about individuals who might not be able to instantly enter a safe room in Texas?

In that case, please consider the following advice:

Preparing for a Storm: What to Do If You Get Caught Outside

Try Not To Panic

Putting this into practice is much harder than it seems. However, if you want to think clearly and find a way out of that predicament, you must keep your cool, especially if you’re with someone. Maintaining your composure and calm can help you think more clearly and develop more effective solutions.

Find Somewhere Safe to Stay

Those caught outside when a tornado warning is issued should seek cover immediately. You should seek refuge in a location free of glass or anything that could shatter easily, such as a covered garage. Get down and shield your head with your arms; hide behind a barrier if you can. Remember that you must go indoors immediately if a tornado is nearby.

Avoid Such Mistakes

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid making when trying to seek shelter outside:

  • Don’t stay in your car
  • Don’t stand under an awning, anywhere near a billboard, or under a bridge
  • Don’t take shelter under a tree

None of these things will help because there’s a good chance you’ll be carried away or struck by debris traveling at high speed due to strong winds.

Avoid Remaining in the Vehicle

It goes without saying that you should not remain inside the car. Staying in your car with your head down may seem like a good idea, but it’s riskier because your vehicle might get swept up and tossed away due to the intensity of the winds.

Your best bet is to get out of the car, move far away from any vehicle nearby, and find a ditch where you can lie flat while protecting yourself with anything that can be used as a barrier.

Keep Up With The Weather Forecast In Your Area

This is more of a preventative measure. Watch the local weather reports closely, especially when tornado season rolls around. With the information you’ll get, you may plan in advance for the possibility of severe weather and keep yourself and your loved ones from being caught outside during such situations.

Everyone should immediately return home and set up an emergency tornado shelter if a tornado watch is issued. Likewise, it’s a good idea to find out whether there are any local community storm shelters nearby. Assuring yourself that you have a safe place to go and a backup plan is easy with this.

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