A tornado

Why Tornado Planning is a Must?

Tornadoes are destructive forces that can occur with little or no warning. They are high-speed swirling winds that can destroy anything in their path. The US recorded about 1376 tornadoes in 2021, which were 301 more tornado occurrences than in 2020.

You should contact a tornado shelter provider to install a safe room or above-ground storm shelter on your property to ensure your safety. Meteorologists can predict tornado occurrences using computer forecast models with recent technological advancements. Even though you may know when and where it will form, you still need to plan for the disaster. Here are some crucial reasons tornado planning is important.

Tornado Planning Can Minimize Risk Of Injury And Death

In 2021, tornadoes took more than 100 lives in the US. This number could have been higher if people weren’t aware of tornado planning and safety. Planning for natural disasters such as tornadoes minimizes the risk of injury and death.

Having a tornado plan ready can help you identify the signs and warnings before a tornado occurs. You can evacuate to community shelters or safe rooms before the tornado hits. This way, you can ensure your and your family’s safety.

Tornado Planning Is Crucial For Survival, Pre, During, And Post Tornado

People often have this misconception that the danger is only present before the tornado occurs and during it, but they don’t consider what happens post-tornado. Tornados are made from high-speed winds that can travel at speeds of up to 300 mph. They can uproot and crumble anything in their path.

The situation post-tornado has an equal risk of danger that is before and during a tornado touchdown. Having a plan beforehand can help store essentials such as canned foods, bottled water, and first aid in safe rooms. These essentials are necessary for survival until the condition of the city becomes stable.

A neighborhood destroyed by a passing tornado in Arlington, Texas

Tornado Planning Can Help You Remain Calm During The Situation

If a tornado warning is given in your area, you might feel heightened anxiety and have difficulty concentrating. These feelings are the worst when dealing with evacuation from a tornado. It can impact your judgment and make you forgetful about what essentials you may need.

Having a tornado plan ready wouldn’t feel that stressed and could better deal with the situation. This can help you quickly evacuate yourself and your family from the disaster zone to a safer place with everything you need.

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