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3 Design Parameters That Affect the Cost of a Community Safe Room

The only thing common across safety rooms is their intended purpose: to provide safety. Beyond that, you’ll seldom find two safety rooms alike. They differ according to dimensions, number of uses, resistance, and more. These factors affect how much they cost and how well they fit your needs.

Here’s more about them in detail.


The intended purpose(s) of a safe room will affect its cost. If the safe room is constructed solely to provide safety, then the room will be built and filled in with things that serve that function. In contrast, if security is just one of the functions of the safe room, it’ll be larger and filled with more things. A multipurpose safe room’s furnishings, building components, etc. will be more varied and, consequently, expensive than a single-purpose safe room. Accordingly, the more functions the safe room serves, the more expensive it’ll be to construct.


Generally, the more complex your safe room’s design, the more expensive it’ll be to construct. For example, if you’re building a large safe room full of interior partitions and using a variety of finishes, the room will be costly. In particular, it’ll be expensive because of the size of the room, the number of partitions, and the different kinds of materials that comprise the interior finishes.


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A community safe room can be designed to handle different kinds of stresses, which are determined by the environment. The more types of stress your community safe room is designed to handle, the more expensive the room. Here are some of the common pressures that safe rooms can be designed to handle:

  • Wind: Your safe room’s strength against wind depends on how fast the wind in your environment is. Generally, the stronger the winds, the stronger the safe rooms, and the more expensive the construction.
  • Debris: Stronger winds typically carry heavier debris and move it around faster. Constructing impact-resistant safe rooms can be expensive due to the difficulty of protecting openings like windows, vents, etc. The greater the scope of impact-resistant construction and the number of openings, the more expensive the safe room.
  • Seismic Activity: Like the previous two dimensions, constructing a safe room to resist seismic activity can also raise the cost of construction.

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