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4 Tornado Stats That Emphasize the Importance of Tornado Shelter Rooms

Tornadoes are awe-inspiring and destructive at the same time. That’s why they’ve so firmly remained in kids’ and adults’ consciousness for so long. If you’re up for learning some mind-blowing facts and stats about tornadoes, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll list some exciting tornado stats that will also highlight the significance of having a safe room or storm shelter in Texas.

Tornado Alley Is the Home of Tornadoes

Tornado Alley is a region that comprises Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas. It’s known for seeing the most tornadoes in the country on a yearly basis. According to a recent report, Tornado Alley is struck by at least 1,000 tornadoes of varying intensity every year.

There Were Over 1,431 Tornadoes Last Year

According to data revealed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), at least 1,431 tornadoes were recorded in the United States last year within 11 months (from January to November).

This figure is up from the 1,060 tornadoes that struck the nation in 2018 during the same time span. Over the last decade, the number of tornadoes in the U.S. seems to have been gradually increasing.

Tornadoes Have Cost the U.S. Economy Over $14 Billion

US Economy

According to data revealed by the Property Claims Services (PCS), the destruction caused by tornadoes cost the country’s economy over $14 billion in 2019. What makes this so noteworthy is that this figure only represents insured damages and losses.

Tornadoes Can Go in Different Directions

In general, and in the majority of cases, tornadoes spin in a cyclonic direction. However, they tend to shift their direction based on the hemisphere. For instance, tornadoes tend to have a counterclockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and a clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere.

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