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4 Ways to Save for a Safe Room Installation

Storm safe rooms can be the difference between life and death when you’re living in a place like Texas that is hit by tornadoes so often. Year after year, tornado season wreaks havoc on locals across cities and towns like Arlington and Fort Worth, but investing in a storm shelter for your home can help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

But there’s no denying that purchasing and installing a safe storm room can be quite difficult, and a major expense for most homeowners. The average shelter installation can cost thousands of dollars, not factoring in renovations and changes to the rest of your home.

However, these saving tips and advice can help go a long way in reaching your goal:

1.     Choose a reliable vendor to get your money’s worth.

Choosing a reliable company like ours will help you in knowing that you’re getting nothing but the best quality. This makes it easier to treat the shelter installation as an investment rather than an expense because our shelters come with a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion.

We also provide on-site evaluations and recommendations, in addition to carrying out complete installations for our clients. You can count on us to deliver the best tornado shelters in Dallas.

2.     Set a saving goal and factor in all potential costs

Once you’ve met with our team, you can get a rough estimate of the installation and purchasing cost, and the changes you will have to make to your home. This will give you a ballpark estimate that you should round off to a higher number, which gives you wiggle room for any issues that could arise.

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3.     Give yourself a timeline to start saving.

With a saving goal in mind, you should give yourself a strict timeline that you need to abide by. This means you will have to cut back on unnecessary costs and expenses, budget more strictly, and pool your money somewhere safe and inaccessible till necessary.

If this means you can’t re-do your living room for another few months, that’s alright. Safety comes before anything else, and with tornado season fading out for a few months, now is the best time to get the installation.

4.     Apply for shelter rebates and grants to help

Texas is one of the states to offer shelter rebates and grants as a way to encourage citizens to invest in private storm shelters. We accept rebates and offer compensation to clients who are eligible for it. Learn more about these measures here.

You can contact us for custom safe rooms for your home, having them designed to fit your family and offer you the best protection.

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