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Emergency Survival Kit And Supplies To Keep In Your Storm Shelter

In the Southeastern states of America, tornado season runs all year. That’s why you and your family need to be prepared for such an emergency. Luckily, you can get a tornado shelter or safe room built for your home right here in Texas!

However, there are many aspects to consider concerning your safety when a natural disaster is about to hit, so this blog will help simplify things for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of all things that should be in your tornado survival kit and why.

Water And Food

This one might seem like an obvious addition to your emergency kit, but it often gets overlooked especially when evacuation is underway. Ideally, you should have enough food and water in your steel shelter to last you and your family 3-5 days.

We recommend that you pack canned foods, energy bars and other foods that aren’t so easily perishable. This way, you can store them for a long time. However, you should make sure to switch out expired foods in due time from your safe room so that you aren’t left to consume food that’s gone bad.

Medicines And First Aid

Having a first aid kit along with some emergency medications, i.e., inhalers, painkillers, antibiotics, antivirals, etc., should be considered mandatory for every community storm shelter in Texas. But even if your shelter is inside your home or an above-ground storm shelter, you should still prioritize basic first aid and medicines as one of the first items to be stored.

These items can be very useful to have if you or anyone else from your family are feeling sick or have a condition that requires medication. You’ll want to take extra care to stock up on the necessary medicines in this case.

Communication Gear

Being inside the shelter will keep you safe, but how will you know when it’s safe to be outside again? Many people who have to regularly utilize tornado shelters in Arlington, Dallas, and Sherman have highlighted the importance of having a battery-powered radio. Imagine if you are stuck with your family in your bunker and have no way of communicating with anyone outside. Terrifying, right?

This is where communication gear comes in. It allows you to stay updated on the weather and can also allow you to reach out to the authorities for help should you need it.

If you wish to get a safe room or shelter constructed on your property in Texas or Oklahoma, get in touch with us at sales@www.safe-rooms.us. You can also call our offices at 469-629-6000 (for Texas) and 405-367-7901 (for Oklahoma) to book a consultation. We also provide quotes to potential clients and offer them a wide variety of sizes and styles of safe rooms.

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