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Interview with a Safe Room Expert: Insights and Advice for Homeowners

Safe rooms are ideal for protecting yourself and your family from possible intruder attacks, natural disasters, and even nuclear attacks. However, as a homeowner, you likely have a thousand concerns and queries regarding the worth of safe rooms.

We sat down with Safe Rooms US’s security and safe room expert, Chris R. Joey, to address your queries and put your doubts to rest. Let’s hear it from the expert himself.

Q: What Design Aspects Should Homeowners Keep In Mind When Customizing Their Safe Rooms?

A:  Safe rooms are best for protecting your family from any kind of attack. However, certain architectural aspects might come in handy when homeowners customize their safe rooms. For instance, they should choose a location inside their home and near their bedrooms. The safe room should be according to the size of your family and must be equipped with a proper ventilation system to prevent suffocation.

Above all, keep in mind that if you install your shelter room in the basement, there is a high chance of it getting flooded, so make sure they are located in a safe space. I would recommend getting it installed by our team of professionals instead of building it yourself.

Q: Should Homeowners Give Priority To Any Specific Type Of Safe Shelter? What Would You Recommend?

A: Safe rooms come in all kinds of varieties, and homeowners have multiple options at their disposal to choose the best for themselves. Two important things they should keep in mind while selecting a tornado shelter room are the material and accessibility.

It should be made up of reinforced concrete material. Secondly, install a safe room that won’t cost traveling time, as in the case of garage safe shelter and an above-ground storm shelter. I would recommend a safe room that can be placed inside any existing room in your house with no windows.

Q: Are Safe Rooms Worth The Investment?

A: Definitely! Especially if you are a resident of a Tornado Alley or adjacent areas which are prone to natural calamities.

It is highly advisable to install a tornado shelter room if you live in any of these areas. They are slightly costly for homeowners, but your mental well-being should be more important. Knowing that you have a safe shelter for your family in case of any crisis, even a robbery, your family would remain safe. You can even utilize the shelter room as additional storage space later!

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If you want a safe room based on Chris’s suggestions, Safe Rooms US has got the best range of safe rooms for you to choose from! Be it an above-ground shelter room or an underground shelter room, we have got you covered.

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