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Just How Safe Are Safe Rooms? Here’s What You Need To Know

Safe rooms provide shelter in emergency events like tornados and hurricanes. Texas has the most tornadoes annually in the United States, averaging at about 132 tornadoes just last year. The Southern parts of the US as a whole are experiencing unprecedented storms that are injuring and killing people.

So, it makes perfect sense to get a safe room for yourself and your family.

But you’ve got to wonder, why is a safe room “safe”? How does it operate? Why can it withstand even an EF5 Tornado?

Here, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and more.

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Safe Rooms are Anchored to Foundations

Safe rooms are most effective when they’re built on the ground level and built on concrete foundations. Here, it should be securely rooted to the ground and allow enough airflow.

They’re Made of Strong, Storm Resistant Materials

A safe room is made using steel, concrete, and fiberglass or plywood. Its features are designed to complement one another and their thicknesses to withstand impact.

They Undergo Stringent Impact Testing

High-quality safe rooms need to be impact tested and pass the test. One such impact test in Texas is the Texas Test Impact Test.

Additionally, each safe room needs to meet or exceed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Guidelines, which further assures its impact quality.

Get an Impact-Tested Safe Room For Your Home and Business Place Now

At Safe Rooms US, we have 25+ years of experience in the Safe Room and Storm Shelter Industry in the States of Texas and Oklahoma. Our custom-built safe rooms meet FEMA guidelines and have passed the Texas Test Impact Test.

Our tornado shelters in Arlington, Plano, and other cities across Texas and Oklahoma are securely placed in any part of your existing home’s garage, a separate home exterior, or any home that’s on a pre-manufactured interior.

No matter what size you’re looking for, we can have a safe room built in 7-10 days! You can request a quote for free from us regarding your home or business’s unique needs for a safe room design. For additional information about our safe room services, contact us here.

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