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Plan For the Aftermath: Why Registering Your Storm Shelter in Texas is Important

Texas gets hundreds of tornados every year, which is why a growing number of homeowners are installing custom shelters on their premises. However, if you don’t register your safe room, you might be alone on your own after a devastating tornado. This could mean you are cut off from authorities and have to navigate the risks all by yourself. That’s why it’s critical that one of the first things you do after installing one is getting it registered with a storm shelter near you.

Learn about what happens if you don’t register and how you can get done with the process easily.

What Happens if You Don’t Register?

Even if you have a storm shelter and find your way into it, tornadoes and storms can affect communication systems and lead to internet connectivity  issues. If you’re locked in your safe room but trapped underneath storm debris, it might be difficult for rescue teams to find you. However, registering your safe room and  mentioning its type and location can help law enforcement and rescue teams find you in time and help you get medical aid if you need it.

How to Start the Registration Process?

In Texas, you can simply register for a storm shelter by heading over to their website and following simple straightforward instructions. You will be required to submit information about the location of the shelter and your address.

Residents in Dallas can check out the website of the Dallas Office of Emergency Management.  After the process is complete and if your area gets a storm or hurricane, you will receive assistance form emergency management, firefighters, relief organizations, and police.

Reliable Safe Room Shelter in Dallas TX

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