Signs to Look Out for Before a Tornado Strikes

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Tornadoes are highly unpredictable weather events and can be difficult to forecast in advance. However, thanks to the tireless work of weather experts, scientists, storm chasers, and the like, patterns have been observed and studied to help predict these weather events before they strike.

Why Tornadoes are So Difficult to Predict and Understand

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Tornadoes are vertical columns of air that are generated in supercell storms and come in contact with the ground. They are classified as weather events and often minuscule compared to other more universal events, making them highly specific in their nature.

3 Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Storm Safe Rooms

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Your storm safe rooms need cleaning and maintenance on the regular in order to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety. It can be challenging to know when and how to get the job done. Sometimes cleaning becomes necessary as a result of general wear, tear, use, and time, and other times you need to […]

3 Design Parameters That Affect the Cost of a Community Safe Room

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The only thing common across safety rooms is their intended purpose: to provide safety. Beyond that, you’ll seldom find two safety rooms alike. They differ according to dimensions, number of uses, resistance, and more. These factors affect how much they cost and how well they fit your needs. Here’s more about them in detail.

Above-Ground Rowlett Safe Room Checklist for Homeowners

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A safe room serves to protect you from the force of a disaster. For example, a safe room will protect you from the powerful winds of a tornado. However, when spending time in a safe room during a disaster, other things can harm you. Hunger and boredom, for example, are two negative feelings that people […]

What To Do When You’re Outside During a Tornado

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It’s a common misconception that tornadoes only occur in the so-called Tornado Alley in the United States. Tornadoes can touch down in practically any part of the country, whether it’s densely populated and urban or rural and sparsely located. So, for everyone, we must understand how to protect ourselves. At US Safe Rooms in Dallas, […]

Preparing Your Tornado Safety Kit: Essentials to Have

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Tornadoes are weather events that tend to be incredibly violent and unpredictable. These forceful columns of air tend to exert so much force they wreak havoc and damage things that are in their path, from cars to concrete structures.

Why You Should Invest in a Safe Room Right Now

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The year is halfway done. And yet, The Weather Channel has already declared 2020 to be one of the deadliest tornado years in a decade! As of now, 489 tornadoes have made a downfall in the U.S, with over 70 casualties reported. Four of those over 70 casualties resulted from tornadoes that were rated between […]